Understanding Dog Body Language


Your dog cannot verbalize, but their bodies will tell you much about what they are thinking and feeling, if you know what to watch for and how to interpret their 'body language'.


The following links are used with permission, by Dr. Sophia Yin DVM, MS. 

Dr. Yin has compiled these series of drawings that clearly demonstrate what a dog's body is telling you, and dog appropriate ways to interact with our canine friends. 


How To Greet A Dog


Dog Park Etiquette


Dog Body Language



Presented here, a video created in response to a study that 77% of dog bites are from the family dog or friend's dog.  It demonstrates the many things our dogs are attempting to communicate to us through their body language.  Dog bites rarely happen 'out of the blue', and if only we pay attention to what our dogs are 'telling' us, we can potentially prevent a dog bite that may result in serious injury to a family member, and/or the loss of your dog's life.


Stop The  77