Spanish Water Dog


Spanish Water Dog image The Spanish Water Dog is a sturdy, medium sized, well proportioned, athletic dog that is suited to perform a variety of tasks including herding, hunting, and fisherman's assistant. He is a loyal, vigilant, and intelligent working dog with strong herding instincts. His working ability is attributed to an intense desire to please. In profile, the Spanish Water Dog is slightly longer than tall. He has a distinctive curly coat, which is adapted to the variation of humidity and drought of his homeland. The height of this breed ranges from 15 3/4" - 18" for females, and 17 1/2" - 19 3/4" for males. They are considered a non-shedding breed, and are never to be brushed. Dogs with longer coats will cord, and when clipped the hair is to be left the same length over the entire body. Traditionally, he has a docked tail.

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Praderia Spanish Water Dogs (Marnie)



Image of Spanish Water Dog from Pradeira Kennels

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