Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu image The Shiba Inu (Little Brushwood Dog) is the smallest in the Japanese Spitz family. He was traditionally used to flush birds from the underbrush and hunt small game. He stands about 14 - 16 inches at the shoulder. He is friendly, outgoing, has cat like tendencies and is a joy to be around. With quicksilver agility and legendary cunning, this is not an off leash dog. Early Socialization and obedience training is very important and encouraged! There are 3 recognized colors, Red, Red Sesame and Black and Tan. They shed their undercoat 2 times per year. Breeder's should screen for hips, patella's and eyes including glaucoma. Daily exercise, a secured fenced yard, regular brushing and nail clipping are required.

Shiba Inu Breeders:

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Koyote Kennels (Laura)



Photo of a  puppy from Koyote Kennels


When you purchase a Shiba Inu puppy from a CADF breeder, you are purchasing from a dedicated, conscientious breeder whose priority is to produce healthy specimens of their own breed.


All CADF member breeders have agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics.  Our Shiba Inu breeders screen their breeding stock for known hereditary problems, specific to the Shiba Inu breed. This allows you to purchase your puppy with confidence, knowing that your breeder has taken all of the necessary steps to provide you with the healthiest puppy possible.