Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier image A working terrier from the Scottish Highlands. Colours can be black, brindle or wheaten. Loyal, loving and layful with his family, the Scottie can be scrappy with other dogs. The Scottie is an excellent watchdog, and is suitable in most accomodations. He stands 10" at the shoulder and weighs between 18-22 lbs. The Scottish Terrier requires considerable grooming to keep his coat looking trim. Their coats may be trimmed, but will lose its hard texture.

Scottish Terrier Breeders:

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Rynara Scottish Terriers (Kathy)



Photo of a Scottish Terrier from Rynara Kennel


When you purchase a Scottish Terrier puppy from a CADF breeder, you are purchasing from a dedicated, conscientious breeder whose priority is to produce healthy specimens of their own breed.


All CADF member breeders have agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics.  Our Scottish Terrier breeders screen their breeding stock for known hereditary problems, specific to the Scottish Terrier breed. This allows you to purchase your puppy with confidence, knowing that your breeder has taken all of the necessary steps to provide you with the healthiest puppy possible.