Purebred Paperwork:


Registration and Health Clearances are the only papers you will receive for a purebred puppy sold in Canada.

All purebred puppies should be individually identified (micro chip or tattoo) before leaving the breeder's residence.


CKC - Champion

CKC - Non-Breeding

Most puppies sold by CKC members are put on the non-breeding paper. The non-breeding registration can be lifted with the breeder and purchaser agreeing.

CKC - Breeding

Because it takes time to transfer the registration to you as a new owner, you will not receive the papers immediately.

Parents may be registered and have titles from other countries -- most likely the American Kennel Club - logo and maybe border.



Many agencies or registries are used for health clearances - some examples are the University of Saskatchewan, Ontario Veterinary School (OVC), CERF, OFA, PennHip, University of Michigan and others, testing eyes, hips, various blood conditions, hearing, heart, and other conditions. See examples of the certificates below. Some of these agencies that grant clearances have web sites, so you can look and see if your puppies' parents are listed.


Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, Inc.
Canine Eye Registration Foundation

Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Hip Dysplasia Certificate