Lowchen image Sprightly, affectionate, outgoing, playful and exuberant are all adjectives that describe the Lowchen. It is a small (10"-13") but robust and energetic dog that adapts well to city or country. Although it requires minimal space for its exercise needs, he will enjoy regular walks in the park or an off leash run in the countryside. The breed is bright and agile, making them easily trainable and great at obedience work and agility training. They are very good with children and other househeld pets. The Lowchen has no known drawbacks, other than perhaps the need for skillful clipping and regular grooming. Their coat is soft, non-oily and non-shedding which makes them acceptable to most folks with allergies.

Lowchen Breeders:

We currently do not have Lowchenbreeders listed with CADF.

For more information on the Lowchen breed, please refer to:

Lowchen Club Of Canada

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