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Alphabetical listing of breeds


Hound Breeds:


Image of Afghan Hound (Hound Group)

Afghan Hound

Image of Basenji (Hound Group)


Image of Bassett Hound (Hound Group)

Bassett Hound

Image of Beagle (Hound Group)


Image of Black and Tan Coonhound (Hound Group)

Black and Tan Coonhound

Image of Bloodound (Hound Group)


Image of Borzoi (Hound Group)


Image of Miniature Long Hair Dachschund (Hound Group)

Dachschund (Miniature Long)

Image of Miniature Smooth Hair Dachschund (Hound Group)

Dachschund (Miniature Smooth)

Image of Miniature Smooth Hair Dachschund (Hound Group)

Dachschund (Miniature Wire)


Dachschund (Standard Long)

Image of a Dachschund

Dachschund (Standard Smooth)

Image of Standard Wire Hair Dachschund (Hound Group)

Dachschund (Standard Wire)

Image of Drever (Hound Group)


Image of Finnish Spitz (Hound Group)

Finnish Spitz

Image of American Foxhound (Hound Group)

Foxhound (American)

Image of English Foxhound (Hound Group)

Foxhound (English)

Image of Greyhound (Hound Group)


Image of Harrier (Hound Group)


Image of Ibizan (Hound Group)

Ibizan Hound

Image of Irish Wolfhound (Hound Group)

Irish Wolfhound

Image of Norbottenspetz (Hound Group)


Image of Norwegian Elkhound (Hound Group)

Norwegian Elkhound

Norwegian Lundehund

Image of an Otterhound (Hound Group)


Image of a Petite Bassett Griffon Vendeen (Hound Group)

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Image of a Pharoah Hound (Hound Group)

Pharoah Hound

Image of Rhodesian Ridgeback (Hound Group)

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Image of a Saluki (Hound Group)


Image of Scottish Deerhound (Hound Group)

Scottish Deerhound

Image of Shikoku (Hound Group)


Image of Whippet (Hound Group)




When you purchase a puppy from a CADF breeder, you are purchasing from a dedicated, conscientious breeder whose priority is to produce healthy specimens of their own breed.

All CADF member breeders have agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics. Our breeders screen their breeding stock for known hereditary problems, specific to their particular breed. This allows you to purchase your puppy with confidence, knowing that your breeder has taken all of the necessary steps to provide you with the healthiest puppy possible.