Glen Of Imaal

Origin & Purpose - The Glen of Imaal Terrier receives its name from the Glen of Imaal, a region in the county of Wicklow Ireland where it was developed long ago.   It is a game terrier, fearless in attacking quarry and compact enough to go to ground after badger or fox and game enough to fight its chosen vermin.   General Appearance - Medium sized with medium length coat, great strength with impression of maximum substance for size of dog. Body longer than high. Its distinctive head with rose or half-pricked ears, its levelled forequarters with turned out feet, its unique outline and topline are hallmarks of the breed.   Temperament - Active, agile and silent when working. Game and spirited with great courage when called upon, otherwise gentle and docile. His loyal and affectionate nature makes him a very acceptable house dog and companion. The Glen of Imaal is said to be less easily excited than other terriers, though he is always ready to give chase when called upon.

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