Finnish Lapphund

Finnish Lapphund image This is a very old breed which was originally kept by the Saami (or Sami) people of arctic Finland, Sweden and Norway. The Saami relied heavily on the herds of reindeer for food and clothing. The Finnish Lapphund (also called Suomenlapinkoira in Finnish), were used to drove reindeer out of the woods, herd them in pens, and guard the flock from wolves.  The Finnish Lapphund is a medium size dog (male 49cm, female 44 cm). The breed has a heavy mosquito resistant double coat, which it blows twice yearly. He is slightly longer than square. A thick bone structure, which would support work in an arctic environment is desirable. All colours are permissible, but one color must dominate. The black and tan Finnish Lapphund is the most common colour and marking combination.   The breed is capable of surviving the extreme cold of a harsh Finnish winter (therefore a great dog for Canada).

Finnish Lapphund Breeders:

We currently do not have Finnish Lapphund breeders listed with CADF. For more information on the Finnish Lapphund breed, please refer to:
Finnish Lapphund Club Of Canada

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