Benefits of Obedience Training:


Calgary Area Trainers


Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Of course! You can also start training your new puppy almost as soon as you get it.


The schools listed with CADF have all met our requirements. Trainers have been screened and although their methods vary, we have accepted them for our registry.Obedience Clubs affiliated with CADF


We suggest that you make an effort to ask about all trainers' backgrounds and experience. Ask if you can preview a class. Ask what methods they use for training and why. When and where are their classes? Do they provide phone support between classes?


Puppies, for various reasons, can be too young for classes, but your dog is never too old!


Obedience, and effort on your part, will help make your dog a positive addition to your family and neighbourhood and you will benefit from your new found knowledge of your furry family member.


Calgary Area Trainers